Barrington Tops National Park and the valleys below are popular with kayakers due to its sections of white water and attractive scenery.

The Barrington River is a perennial river of the Manning River catchment and rises within the Great Dividing Range. It flows generally east, joined by five tributaries including the Kerripit, Dilgry, Cobark, and Moppy rivers, before passing Barrington Hideaway and reaching its confluence with the Gloucester River, near Gloucester.

The Barrington River is readily accessible from the banks below the cottages and the pristine waters beckon on a hot day. To access the river you need to walk around the back of the cottages (along the road that runs parallel to the river) and head North (to the left if you are looking at the river). You will see a sign pointing to the river bank.

PLEASE NOTE: The river path is not maintained. It is a natural environment and accessing the river has risks – all of the wildlife and water risks that make Australia infamous!  Use at you own risk.

Paddling canoes, dinghies or kayaks is possible in the deep holes below the cottages or in many other sections of the river in close proximity. Kayaks can be hired from the nearby Barrington Outdoor Adventure Centre.

Every year on the second Sunday of September, the Barrington River puts up a challenge for the  Gloucester Mountain Man Tri Challenge. Consisting of a 20.4 km mountain bike ride along mountain roads, creek beds, cattle tracks and rainforest, a 10.7 km kayak paddle down the crystal clear waters of the Barrington River, and a 8.8 km run leg along the scenic Thunderbolts Way, the “mountain man” is a unique event not to be missed. Year round you can construct your own adventure race with a kayak, mountain bike and hike within the Gloucester valley.


For those who like to throw in a line, fishing while at Barrington Hideaway is a must. The Barrington River, which runs at the rear of the property, is a ready source of the famed Australian Bass (we encourage catch and release). Trout are also plentiful in other waterways close by.

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